Trekking is one of the major attractions for travelers coming to Nepal. Known for the gigantic Himalayan ranges, there are plenty of tours to choose for adventurers to see the beautiful lakes and mountains of Nepal. But if you are one who craves to see nature’s breathtaking beauty firsthand, trekking is the way to go. There are a large number of trekking opportunities in Nepal to choose from. You can trek through the sterile lands of Upper Mustang while stopping by to admire a local lake and camp overnight or just trek through the unbelievable mountain ranges and their respective

You hear the words mountaineering, trekking, and hiking used as if they were the same word all the time. The fact is, they’re similar – but very different. I guess they all involve walking outside. But there are some very important differences. If you’re considering taking an Adventure Tour with us, it’s very important to understand these differences. We want to make sure that what we offer meets your expectations. The best way to differentiate mountaineering, trekking, and hiking is to understand each activity’s degree of difficulty. Hiking Typically, hiking is considered to be the easiest of these three adventures.

Having visited Nepal this past July I realize that Nepal offers much more for the adventure traveler than Mount Everest. My good friend and business associate Ganesh Sharma provide me with so much amazing information concerning Nepal and its people. Although we conducted much business we also enjoyed a day hike that included hiking over swinging bridges, into mountaintop monasteries as well hiking along and above miles of tiered rice paddies and through villages dating back 1,500 years. Nepal and its people are incredible. After many conversations, I learned that we have exclusive access to a resort in Bardia National