A.T. Adventures International

Managed by a dedicated and seasoned TEAM of tourism professionals, with SERVICES including virtually everything! Tourism and hospitality management, mountaineering, trekking, tours, even working with filming companies for that ultimate shot and experience. We also organize tours in Tibet, Bhutan, and India. As a part of our corporate responsibility, we are also involved in a plethora of social projects.

Providing innovative projects at an affordable price to the utmost satisfaction of his valued clients, Keith and his team have developed a new mapping of amazing trekking routes so that his clients can savor the exoticness and sublimity of Nepal – a paradise on earth. He plans amazing, ‘out-of-the-box’ tours that have become in vogue in Nepal. Keith has sophisticated resources and adequate manpower to make your tour filled with memories that last a lifetime.

Keith’s love of the outdoors and his desire to provide others with a variation of outdoor activities lead him to create a guide service for individuals with a sense of adventure.

So contact us if you have questions and “Pursue Your Adventure” today!

Meet the Team

Keith Black

CEO of A.T. Adventures International

Keith Black is CEO of A.T. Adventures International and has more than 20 years of experience in hiking, trekking, and primitive camping throughout the United States and around the world. An avid mountain climber, Keith and has more than a decade of experience climbing many of the worlds highest mountains where his reputation heralded a new beginning in the tourism sector in Nepal.

Ganeesh Sharma

Director of Adventure Travel – NEPAL

Ganesh Sharma is a seasoned campaigner in the tourism industry with more than one and a half decade of experience. Besides being an adept administrator, he is a master of innovative ideas and a brilliant strategist. He has successfully handled different projects on expedition and filming. He is an expert on Everest Expedition, Filming, and documentary-making.

Fares Moshy

Director of Adventure Travel – Central and South AFRICA

Fares Moshy was born on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Marangu Village in the Moshi rural district. Fares has 29 years of experience climbing Kilimanjaro as a guide as well as leading countless safaris not just in Tanzania but also in Kenya. Fares knows the best and least crowded places to follow the Great Migration or to relax on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.


Director of Adventure Tours – MOROCCO

Marcel BABAKHYI has a long career and professional experience in the high-end tourist sector: Luxury Hotels, in Europe as well as in Morocco, and in United States of America, his experience in the Travel Business and Tourist Transport, Luxury Concierge (member of ” The golden keys ” since 1987, in the United States (Santa Monica, California). Board Member and Directors of Southern California Tourism Association 1994.owner of VIP CONCIERGE SERVICES in California and in Morocco, licensed travel and hospitality professional in Morocco. Exotic Event Planners, and Tours Operator.

Jon Mohr


Jon Mohr is a Guide for A.T. Adventures International who has a vast array of solo domestic and international travel experience.  An enthusiastic hiker and backpacker, Jon is gifted at keeping groups engaged and leading people through new and exciting adventures.